Prescriptions In Wisconsin #prescriptions #wisconsin

I went to my doctor and asked her if I could get three months worth of prescriptions at a time.  She didn’t flinch and said YES.  She set it up in her computer and voilà, it’s done!  Now I only have to go to the pharmacy every three months.  This will save a lot of my time and gas!  She made it SO EASY.

Wisconsin medical care is excellent!

Merona Tights From Target

When I buy tights I open the package, throw away the packaging, put the tights on and wear them until I have to toss them.

But I never remember what tights they were or where I bought them.

This time was different!  I needed tights for a job interview.  I didn’t want to buy nylons.  I carefully looked at different tights at Target and came across these.  They are excellent quality and only $9.99.  Worth every penny. Wow, was I lucky!

Now when I need some new tights I will come to this post on my blog so I can remember which tights to purchase!

The content of this post was not generated to make money.  I am not being paid for this content. 

What tights do you buy?