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Realities Must Be Ignored

30 Jan


“Faith is not a thing to mess with; in order for it to endure, certain realities must be ignored.”

Susan Branch

This photo is from the video China Girl. China Girl was filmed in 1983 in Sydney’s Chinatown district. Geeling Ng is the beautiful woman who starred in the video. The song was written by Iggy Pop and David Bowie in 1977. China Girl is one of my favorite songs.


Susan Branch #susanbranch

31 Dec

Susan Branch’s calendars are an annual part of my life.  My mom turned me on to her books and calendars.  I started to buy the calendar every year, and I also buy one for my mom.  Just like taking a sedative when I fly, I need to have my Susan Branch calendar every year.

Here is her 2012 calendar on my wall:

susan branch_7979 blog

Here is the front of her 2013 calendar:

susan branch_7980 blog

Every New Year’s Day I transfer all the birthdays from the old year into the new year.

susan branch_7978 blog

After I’m done transferring the info, I sit and read the 2012 calendar.

I received a gift card from Barnes & Noble, and saw a cute Susan Branch Recipe Notebook Organizer, so I bought it!  Here is my old notebook of recipes that I use the most:

Hideous but functional for many years.

Hideous but functional for many years.

And here is the new lovely Susan Branch notebook:

susan branch notebook_7981 blog

Be sure to check out Susan Branch’s website and blog.  She is so talented in many ways:  an excellent cook, writer, and artist.  And on top of all of that, she is so sweet and classy.  I met her at her book signing in New Jersey and she signed all of my Susan Branch books for me.  I felt like such a groupie.

Well, I am a Susan Branch groupie.

Happy New Year to Susan Branch and Happy New Year to you wonderful readers of my blog.  xoxo

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