Glare #glare

glare_9902 blogIt’s dangerous driving in Wisconsin.  See where the red arrow is pointing?  That is glare from the ice on the road.  Some roads are covered with ice or water and when the sun is at a certain angle, with all the light reflecting off the road and into your windshield, you can’t see anything and it’s downright dangerous.  This is a conservative example.

Sometimes the roads are one big white glare.  It is not fun.


It Finally Rained! #rain #wisconsin

It hadn’t rained in our neighborhood since May 25, 2012.  Last night it finally rained!  We could see the storm coming from the west.  Although it took me awhile to truly believe it would rain.

Many of our plants were starting to die.

The only plants doing well are the weeds.  Look at how green that sucker is!

If you are wondering…HELLLOOOOO…why don’t you just water all of your plants?  Well, we want to conserve water.  So we have to prioritize.  We watered our most important plants and trees.  We watered our veggie garden twice a day.

Here is an important tree that we watered, our evergreen tree.

This tree is very meaningful to us and we don’t want anything to happen to it.  See how crunchy and dry the grass is!

So, I know you want to see this.  Here is a photo-by-photo account of the storm!  Whopee!!!

Could it be possible that we will really get rain?
Yes, rain might happen! It think it’s going to rain!
Yep. I see a squall. It’s going to rain.
Yes! Rain is coming!
Nature is amazing!
It’s raining!!!

We closed our garage door and moved to the front porch to watch the storm.  My son and I went out into the rain and got wet.  Loved it!

We are grateful for the rain!

My friend told me the best time to pull weeds is after it has rained.  It’s easy to pull all the weeds from their roots because the soil is soft.  I’ll take some weed shots before I start pulling.

So, off to the veggie garden I go.