Hollywood Waltz

Springtime, the acacias are blooming;
Southern California will see one more day.
Dreamland and business is booming;
The birds are a singing as I drift away.
She looks another year older
From too many lovers who used her and ran.
But some nights, oh she looks like an angel
And she’s always willing to hold you again.
So give her this dance, she can’t be forsaken;
Learn how to love her with all of her faults.
She gave more than she’s taken.
And I’ll go down doing the Hollywood Waltz.

I love the mood of this Eagles song. This song and many other Eagles songs remind me of living in Los Angeles, and hanging out in Topanga Canyon in my teens.

Song by The Eagles © 1975

*******Some info about Acacias.*******


Australian plants showed up in California in the 1850s. Acacias were among the most versatile, with uses in perfume, for cutting and as ornamentals. They thrived in settings north to south. “In 1931,” writes the late Victoria Padilla in her book “Southern California Gardens,” “acacias constituted one-fifth of all the street tree plantings in Los Angeles.” Acacia leaf shapes are distinctive and run the gamut. The delightful blossoms, usually yellow and produced in awesome numbers, are either fuzzy little balls or held in rod-shaped clusters. Most are scented, a few more pleasantly than others.

No Caffeine Day 17

Today (June 26, 2021) is 17 days since I stopped drinking caffeine. See my first post about it here. Today is the first day where I had a lot of energy! So, coming out of my “coma” has happened. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. This morning I swam laps. It has been overcast and rainy all day, but I didn’t feel depressed. I ran a bunch of errands and did a lot of stuff in my kitchen. Before today I felt sluggish, fatigued, and bummed out. Today I feel calm and have energy, but not a speedy kind of energy. I haven’t had any headaches either. Quitting caffeine so far has been worth it. The positive outweighs the negative. We’ll see what happens.

The interesting illustration is from Red Bubble.

Push You Forward

Don’t be afraid to look behind you every now and then. An old place, a memory, can still be charged with positive energy, and push you forward on your journey. A glance to the past can prepare us for the future.

— Nancy Hala

I love Venice, California. This photo is from the Loyola Marymount University William H Hannon Library. It’s a view of the Aldebaran Canal, Venice, California looking towards the northeast. The Aldebaran Canal is now Market Street. The canals converged on a large saltwater lagoon that later became the Venice traffic circle.

“Entombed beneath a layer of asphalt, the former lagoon became a traffic circle, and little evidence remains today of the roads’ former lives as saltwater canals. As if to protect the waterways’ former identities, even their names were changed. Aldebaran Canal became Market Street; Coral Canal, Main Street; Venus Canal, San Juan Avenue; Lion Canal, Windward Avenue. Only Grand Canal retained its former name, becoming Grand Avenue.” Info from the KCET website.

I would also like to say HEY to the lovely Nancy Hala.

Quitting Caffeine

Eleven days ago I stopped drinking caffeine. I stopped because I went to the hospital at 9am for an intestinal issue. I didn’t have any food or caffeine that day until 7pm. At 7pm I had a coke with ice and some bland food, and went home. The next day I stayed home from work and decided to stop drinking tea and coffee. I use half and half and brown sugar with the tea and coffee. I decided I didn’t want to put caffeine, half and half and brown sugar in my body anymore. And perhaps I’ll lose some weight because I won’t be consuming the half and half and brown sugar calories.

I used to drink a cup of tea in the morning when I woke up. I would sit and drink my tea while looking around on the internet (time zapper). I would bring a cup of coffee to work in a thermos. At around 2pm I would have another cup of coffee. I even brought my own half and half to work. I couldn’t drink tea or coffee with milk – yuck. 

The first three days of not having caffeine I was in a daze but I didn’t have to be at work so I didn’t have to have my act together. I had headaches from day two through nine. I somes feel depressed, wondering why I am not drinking caffeine. Today is Sunday, and I feel lethargic. My husband is happy I’m not drinking caffeine anymore, but I am suffering. 

Some positive aspects are I feel more calm. My face isn’t as red from rosacea or being flushed. I am thinking more clearly, but at the same time feel like my brain is in a fog. I don’t feel speedy or edgy. Well, I DO feel edgy because I’m not drinking caffeine! In the morning instead of spending time sitting and drinking caffeine before work, I’m now taking a 30 minute walk outside. I have less headaches.

The worst part is having no energy. It’s amazing that some people never drink caffeine. I first drank caffeine (coffee) when I was in my late teens at a Denny’s on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley. I have been drinking caffeine for over 40 years! My hat goes off to anyone who is trying to change a habit. 

I know I need to replace the habit with something else. Right now it’s energizing to write. Or I could be creative, or go for a walk. 

I have been drinking more water which is pretty boring, but I have never drank water on a daily basis. I try to drink 64 oz a day now. I gulp down 10 ounces at a time; every hour; that’s the only way I can swill down the water. 

Let me know if you quit caffeine, how you did it and what you went through!

Photo by Stanley Kubrick

The Brave

Martha Stewart Shares Sultry Pool Selfie https://www.instagram.com/p/CC605OzJ8jk/ Credit: Martha Stewart/Instagram

“Fortes fortuna javat.”  Fortune favors the brave.

I love Martha Stewart. She looks so pretty in her pool. The first book I purchased of hers was 1995’s The Martha Stewart Cookbook: Collected Recipes for Every Day. She was doing a book signing at Williams Sonoma on Broadway in Soho (Manhattan), and she signed my book.

On The Way Up

Always be nice to people on the way up, you will for sure meet them on the way down. — Julia Phillips

This is a photo of Julia Phillips. She was a ballsy producer who died in 2002. Working in the entertainment biz, she was constantly dealing with misogynists. She was ahead of her time. In 1991 her book You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again was published. I recently ordered a used copy of the book from Amazon. The book had food in it and smelled like cigarettes; I had to throw it away when I was done reading it. Hollywood is so disgusting. I’m glad I got out of there.

Smartless Podcast + Paul McCartney

I love Will Arnett and found out that he, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes have a podcast called Smartless. They are a great group of interviewers, and they are all laugh-out-loud funny, in a brilliant way. The Paul McCartney interview was vulnerable and touching, and their interview questions were thoughtful and sensitive. I listened to it three times. Now your turn.

McCartney III

Album cover by Ed Ruscha 

I’m open to listening to all Paul McCartney music. I saw McCartney III on my iPhone and played it on my iPhone and Tribit while making dinner. I couldn’t believe the delicious noise that came to my ears. So many varied styles of music and voice – all over the place!

From Wikipedia: “McCartney III is the 18th solo album by English musician Paul McCartney, released on 18 December 2020 by Capitol Records. It serves as a continuation to his solo albums McCartney (1970) and McCartney II (1980). Like those albums, McCartney III features McCartney on all instruments.”

I LOVE the direction McCartney is going, which is free and all over the place! I am grateful to be alive and hear his fabulous music. His creativity is inspiring! Deep Deep Feeling!